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Google Base has been around since 2005. I have been in the real estate business for over 3 years and just now hearing about it being used for real estate. In my area there are over 13000 listing on the site. All these listing were free to add to Google Base. They will also appear in the regular Google search page. This is a big step in getting your listing on the internet. Companies like Keller Williams Realty in Corona California have already inked deals with Google to have all there listing taking from their Keller Williams Listing Service site and advertised on Google Base. Other companies are now fallowing in their foot sets.


Google Base can also work well for For Sale By Owners. This search site always buyers and sellers to get an idea of what’s in their area. You can narrow your search to zip codes or cities. The down side is that they are not teamed up with the local MLS systems just yet, so you want get all the listing available. But this is a deal that will have to be made by the local MLS at some point in time. It would give every agent more exposure for their listings. At this point Google, Yahoo and are the top 3 sites for agents to generate clients.


So take the time and sign up for an account at Google Base and tell your new clients that you will put them at the top of the Google Search Engine.


Say No To Print Ads & Say Yes to Internet Marketing

Internet Real Estate Marketing



How to you reach more buyers in today’s market? Online is the key. Why would you spend anywhere from $200-2000 for ads in local newspapers or magazines. Newspaper subscriptions are declining weekly. People are not going to pay for news when they can get it for free. Yes newspaper will never go away but less people are going to be reading them in the near future. Open house ads work in the local paper but just putting a listing in there to show it off is not go to work. Craigslist work even better for open house ads and they are free.

Today buyers will spend hours online looking at digital photos and video tours. Companies like are making it cheaper and easier for agent to advertise their listing all over the word. The other agents who do not keep up with technology are going to get left behind. I search the MLS everyday in my area. I see about 30-40 new listings a day something and 6 will have photos and 1 will have a tour. Why even put them on the internet in this shape? No-one is going to looking at them.

I expect in the next year photo tours will be out and video tours will be in. Stop spending your money on print ads and start spend your marketing dollar online. When doing a listing presenting do you think a seller wants you to hold a few open house and put a newspaper ad out every few weeks or do they want an agent who can promote their house on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, daily blogs, buyer cell phones, email ads,  and showcase it to the world. The old school agent is going to loose out on that listing.


Over all you can advertise your home on the internet for a lot less then print ads. Print ads don’t sell homes they sell REALTOR®. They brand your agent in the local market. 90% of people start there search online. And more people who use the internet to find their home end up using a REALTOR®. Get more exposure online. Get more clients online. Sell your home faster online. Just get online!

If you are in need of a tour check us out at

Trulia Leaps Ahead to Become One of the Top 3 Traffic Drivers To Real Estate Companies Nationwide

Trulia Real Estate Search Site becomes one of the top 3 Traffic drivers to real estate companies nationwide.

This is amazing. Trulia has only been around for a short time and they are already making a big hit in the online real estate search. The press release I read today said they are now in the rankings with Google base and Yahoo. They have passed, homegain and What this means to real estate companies is that Trulia is here to help them all. By offering some of the best real estate information on the internet they are putting buyers and sellers in touch with real estate agents. Unlike other sites that take the clients information and try to sell it back to real estate agent that already have accounts with them, Trulia is giving free information to these same clients and letting the client find a realtor the best fits their needs. Trulia also has a Question and Answer page that allows buyers and sellers ask questions and get answers from top realtors in their area.  

Companies such as Keller Williams Realty in Corona California have been using Trulia to gather local and nation information about the real estate market. They also try to answer as many questions as they can in their area.


To read the press release click here.

Buying Real Estate On The Web

Internet Home Buying

This is a story I read on Enjoy. 

When the World Wide Web first burst onto the scene in the 1990s, only the most intrepid companies ventured into the virtual environment. Others, taking a more hesitant “wait-and-see” approach, gradually added an online presence. Now, only a small fringe of perverse laggards do not have some sort of URL address for their customers.The Internet has become such an integral part of so many consumers’ lives, they expect to find a Web site listing when Googling a company. Homebuyers and sellers are no different. Not only do they want to find a name of a Realtor online, they also want to find other services such as high-res photographs of homes, tips on purchasing or marketing a house, information on mortgages, and a neighborhood valuation of other properties recently sold in a specific neighborhood. Only then to they go to the real estate agent in the “real” world for one-on-one personal service.

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Virtual Tours for $99

Getting your home sold is at the top of your list if your home has been sitting on the real estate market. In the past Riverside County has seen homes hit the market and then sell in a few short days. And chances are you got more then what the home was worth. Times have changed and to sell your home in today’s market you need to be priced right and standout.


I did a search today on and found that in the cities of Corona & Riverside California there are 327 new homes on the market in the past 10 days. Out of these 327 homes only 20 have a virtual tour and 59 listing don’t even have photos. Tours and photos increase the number of buyers looking at your home. If your agent has not even put photos of your home on the local MLS system in 10 days then there is something wrong. NO One will look at your home without a photo.


To fix your tour and photo problems I suggest contacting Jeremiah Johnson owner of 4 Sale Tours. He can put together a full branded tour for under $100. 4 Sale Tours is also approved. 4 Sale Tours services most of Riverside County.


Click this link to see an example of a recent tour.


Example VirtualTour

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